About fleur de forge

Based in Lafayette, IN, fleur de forge showcases individual and collaborative designs by Danvers Child and April Raine.

Best known for his accomplishments as a farrier, Danvers Child is no stranger to artistry and anvils.  From making horseshoes and hammers, Danvers progressed to artistic and architectural forging in the late ‘90’s.  Inspired by the architectural work of the late Edward Martin, he began with simple twists and joinery and progressed to small sculpture.   

Danvers is a member of the American Farrier’s Association, the Indiana Blacksmiths’ Association, and ABANA (Artists Blacksmiths Association of North America).

An award winner as both an equestrian and an artist, April Raine’s work captures the juncture of elegance and simplicity.  A native of Chicago, April completed her BFA with Honors at the Art Institute.  Since then, her work has graced both public and private collections, ranging from feature displays of fine art photography exhibited in the Smithsonian Affiliate, International Museum of the Horse to private portraiture. 

Although April is best known for her photography, she works in a variety of media. When she's not on the road, her base is in Indiana, where she creates custom prints, jewelry, and other specialty work through her design firm EquiDesis, LLC.